Surah Al Anbiya

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Surah Al Anbiya

Al Anbiya means “The Prophets” in Arabic. You might assume that the majority of this surah is about prophets across all three monotheistic religions but Surah Al Anbiya might surprise you. Do scientific miracles of the Quran interest you? Surah Al Anbiya might be the right course for you. Allah SWT takes one kind of approach in appealing to those who do not believe by showing a ton of scientific miracles and then discussing the prophets. Why? Find out in this course.

In this course we will cover:

    • A story about Prophet Ibrahim AS.
    • Scientific Miracles of the Quran and how they are attributed to linguistics
      • Mountains
      • Day & Night
      • Creation of Earth
      • Water
      • Planets
    • Prophets in Islam, Christianity, and Judaism
    • Reward and Punishment in Islam


Supplemental materials:


Surah Al Anbiya

  • Prophet Ibrahim AS
  • Scientific Miracles of the Quran
  • Prophets in the Quran
  • Reward & Punishment