Surah Al Furqan (Part 1)

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Course Description

Dawah is not an easy thing to do. Many people have different ways of doing it. Some people like to do dawah with their manners. Some people like to have conversations with those who are unsure about Islam about their doubts. Either method is okay. Have you ever wondered how to respond to these arguments? Allah SWT lays out the most common arguments that are made against Islam in Surah Al Furqan. He then responds to them. Learn Dawah with Surah Al Furqan with this course.

Activity #1 Before you watch this course, get out a piece of paper and write down all the ways that you would answer the following claims made against Islam:

      • Claim #1: The Prophet Fabricated The Quran
      • Claim #2: Quran only covers stories of the ancients.
      • Claim #3: The Prophet is a Normal Man. In Order to be a Prophet You cannot Possess Human Qualities.
      • Claim #4: Why Wasn’t an Angel Brought Instead of the Prophet?
      • Claim #5:  Why can’t we see God and the Angels?
      • Claim #6: Why Wasn’t the Quran Revelead all Together?
      • Claim #7: Why should we worship Ar-Rahman?  

Themes that are covered in this Surah:

    • Allah SWT responds to all claims made by those who disbelieve in Islam.
    • Vivid Description of Hellfire.
    • Stories of the Prophets
    • Scientific Miracles of the Quran
    • Qualities of the Believers

Supplimental material:



Surah Al Anbiya

  • Activity 1: Claims against the Prophet
  • Vivid Description of Hellfire
  • Stories of the Prophet
  • Scientific Miracles of the Quran
  • Qualities of the believer