Surah Noor (Part 2)

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Course Description


Confused about Hijab? Confused about Beauty? Confused about marriage? Confused about Dating? Surah Al Noor covers all of those topics. Allah SWT solidifies the rules that are mentioned in Surah An Nisaa and Surah Al Ahazab in this surah. This course is a two part course that will cover the following topics:

Themes Covers

    • History of Surat Al Noor
    • Introduction to Surat Al Noor
    • Themes of Surat Al Noor
      • Relationships between men & women
      • Social Laws
        • Etiquette in and outside of the house
        • Hypocrisy and signs of a hypocrite in times of battles
      • Hijab
      • Ayah Noor (Verse 35)
      • What it means to be a well rounded Muslim

Supplimental Material: