Surah Taha

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Surah Taha

Surah Taha follows the story of Musa AS after his marriage to his wife in Madyan. He has a conversation with Allah SWT about speaking to Pharoh. He returns to Egypt, where he confronts Pharoh in a duel which leads him to leave Egypt. In this course we will go ayah by ayah of Surah Taha and explore the following themes

    • Re-establishing Tawheed
    • How to handle Dictatorship
    • Fear and how to deal with it in our everyday life
    • Obedience, Courage and Trust in Allah SWT
    • The History of Surah Taha
    • Speech & Mannerisms

We’ll also cover the following themes from the story of Prophet Musa AS’s story:

    • Prophet Musa AS speaks to Allah SWT.
    • Prophet Musa AS Speaks to Pharaoh
    • The Miracle of the Sea Splitting
    • The Story of Prophet Adam AS and why it applies to the themes in Surah Taha.
    • How this relates to Prophet Muhammad SWT

You can find the slide deck for this video here:


Surah Taha

  • Continuation of Surah Maryam
  • Prophet Musa AS & Mount Tuwa
  • Understanding Parallels between Prophet Musa, Prophet Yusef and Prophet Muhammad PBUH
  • Prophet Musa & Pharoh
  • Obedience, Courage & Trust
  • Musa AS and The Cow